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The missing of teeth affects seriously the function of the mouth and is also not very aesthetic. Therefore, the best is to replace immediately missing teeth. Therefore, there have been developed several types of PROSTHESIS:
Fixed prosthesis: veneers, crowns, bridges
Removable prosthesis
Joint prosthesis
Implant prosthesis

Whatever the type of prosthesis chosen, only the dentist will be able to advise and choose the best type and the right materials for each situation.
In DENTAL CLINIC COSTA BLANCA we work with all types of prosthesis, with the most professional and innovative methods.


FIXED PROSTHESIS rebuilt or replaces damaged or missing teeth.
There are several types of fixed prosthesis on natural teeth or implants:


VENEERS are thin sheets of composite or ceramic ("porcelain") applied on the face (which is visible) of teeth. This treatment is very conservative, because it requires only a shallow cut on the outside. Veneers are widely used in cosmetic dentistry to correct congenital faults or wrong positions of the teeth or just to get a perfect color and shape ("Hollywood smile").

According to the material and used technique, we distinguish composite veneers (cheaper but less durable) and porcelain veneers (with better aesthetics and durability), which are recommended on an individual basis.


CROWNS are metal or ceramic covers (or both materials together) custom made in the color of the teeth. They are made on a mold in the dental laboratory and cemented on the tooth.


Missing teeth can be replaced attaching intermediate pieces to crowns to form a BRIDGE.

The bridge is constructed in one piece in the dental laboratory. They can be made of ceramic or metal and ceramics. Cementing the crowns they are fixed on the teeth, and replace the missing pieces in a natural looking way.


REMOVABLE PROSTHESIS or denture is one that can be removed by the patient for cleaning. It is used when there are already several teeth (partial denture) or all (complete dentures) missing.

The dentures can be made of resin (acrylic or other plastics) or metal.
Partial dentures are supported by both, the teeth and the gums. Although the structure may be metallic, teeth and gums are reconstructed of acrylic resin.


MIXED PROSTHESIS consist of a fixed prosthesis and a removable prosthesis, forming part of the same design in a single arch, and joined together by an anchoring system called attachment.
This type of prosthesis has several advantages such as more aesthetic (to remove the braces of the retainer, which may be visible), the better securing of the prosthesis and protection of the teeth and gums.


IMPLANT PROSTHESIS is used to support the implant instead of natural root for both fixed and removable prosthesis. Implants are used to anchor a complete resin denture to replace a single tooth up to rebuild all the natural teeth with pieces of ceramic "porcelain".

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