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DENTAL AESTHETICS is the branch of Dentistry that deals with correcting imperfections affecting beauty.

The most common imperfection is poorly positioned teeth and failures of colour or the lack of dental pieces.


The proper treatment depends on the cause of aesthetic problems. Only a dentist can decide in each case, what is best for your problem.

DENTAL CLINIC COSTA BLANCA offers all cosmetic dental treatments, as detailed below:

Oral cleaning
Dental whitening
Aesthetic fillings


The natural bacterial flora of the mouth shape with the remains of food a sticky film: the plaque. If it´s not removed with proper oral hygiene, it is hardened with calcium contained in our saliva and becomes tartar. Plaque is the major cause of the diseases of the gums and the bone supporting the teeth, gingivitis and periodontitis.

The PROFESSIONAL CLEANING is usually done in just one session with an ultrasonic machine, besides a polish and other interventions with specific materials and instruments, managed by dental technicians who specialize in oral hygiene.

While the session is recommended for dental health, it also has aesthetic connotations, since the teeth are perfectly clean.


The causes of dark or yellow teeth can be manifold:
. During tooth formation: from genetic inheritance or a poor diet, to the use of some antibiotics (like tetracycline) or inadequate amounts of different minerals in the body, the lack of calcium or too much fluoride (fluorosis).
. Throughout life: external pigments from the consumption of tobacco, drinks and foods such as tea, red wine, coffee etc. Such stains are the most responsive to dental whitening.

DENTAL CLINIC COSTA BLANCA is using the latest techniques to achieve teeth whitening for whiter teeth in your life.

For quick results and greatly improved aesthetics, tooth whitening is one of the most requested treatments today. It really works!


AESTHETIC FILLINGS are those of the same colour as the tooth itself. Thus, the filling is not unlike the tooth and is seamlessly integrated into the joint image of the teeth.
In the DENTAL CLINIC COSTA BLANCA we always have the detail of using only cosmetic fillings.

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Dr. THOMAS H. ANTON, Medical License Number 1724 Alicante, PhD in Germany
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